How to Work

The affiliate marketing is one of the most successful sale markets in the world.

One can easily start his/her own business from anywhere at any time.

This website provides a solution to sell more easily and set up a professional website to have a successful online store.  affiliatemaker helps individuals to set up an online affiliate marketing store without any need to expertise or skills.

Thousands of products can be added to the  affiliatemaker in just a few minutes.

The products can be managed in the  affiliatemaker only through one click.

 The loading of your website in all countries is done just in 2 seconds and millions of your products are visible to your customers.

Advantages of affiliatemaker :

  • A store can be set up without any need to experience or skills.
  • No need for hosting: the store can be hosted without any need to expensive hosting costs.
  • Easy registration in search engines: the products of will be sent to all search engines in just 1 hour.
  • Much less cost in the initial setup of the store: Unlike other systems, one doesn’t need to pay a lot of money to set up the store.
  • Adding products to Affiliate Store with a high speed: Adding products to an online store is possible only in a few minutes and requires no complicated procedure and hundreds of thousands of products can be added to the store in just a few minutes.
  • Support for CSV Excel files: the products of the world's major stores including: Ali Express - BangGood - DX - Amazon or thousands of other different stores in the world can be added to the store via CSV file in a few minutes.
  • Unlimited: the plans of  affiliatemaker have the ability to add hundreds of thousands of products to the store without any limitation.
  • High loading speed: Unlike free systems with many limitations, the affiliatemaker makes it possible to add 10,000 items to the store in just 8 seconds.
  • Professional template support in store display: the store can be easily displayed in any desired way via affiliatemaker.
  • Speed of transfer to affiliate stores: After selecting a product on your site, the user will be referred to the store with high speed and there will be no interference in your sales.
  • A personal Affiliate marketing can be set up only through purchasing a plan and one can earn a lot of money from selling other people's products.

start a lucrative international business right now.

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